Grant Guidelines

Grant Guidelines

While many requests fall within our guidelines and certainly merit support, the Robert Kerr Foundation is only able to make grant awards to a limited number of organizations each year.

• Charities must be recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as a Canadian Registered Charity.
• The organization must have a Business Number/Registration Number.
• Charities must have a current Board of Directors.
• Charities must provide programs that meet basic and/or urgent needs of children (high school education & healthcare) and/or the homeless (chronic & long-term homelessness). 
• The Foundation considers single & multi-year commitments.
• Although eligible in some instances, the Foundation typically does not grant to Foundations and other intermediaries.
• Please do not send additional materials such as brochures, newspaper clippings, posters, magnets, DVDs or promotional material of any kind with your donation request. We will follow-up with those applicants from whom we require more information.

The Foundation DOES NOT provide grants for:
• Organizations that do not fit our mandate
• Private Foundations
• Individuals
• Religious institutions or political organizations
• Deficit reductions
• Foreign destination requests unless there is a formal link with a Canadian registered charity

Submission Deadline

We accept donation requests 365 days a year. The directors meet to consider and approve requests bi-annually - Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.  

Letters of inquiry must be submitted prior to December 31st to be reviewed for the Spring/Summer funding period, and prior to September 30th for the Fall/Winter funding period.

Applying for Funding

The Foundation welcome’s applications only from organizations that fit the Foundation’s mandate and funding criteria guidelines.  The application for funding is a two stage process. Organizations seeking funds from the Foundation must submit an initial Letter of Inquiry (LOI) online using the standard format for submission.

Only those organizations that submit a LOI and meet the Foundation’s mandate and objectives will be contacted for further information, with a request to submit a formal application for the Foundation’s consideration and review. No follow-up response will be given to applications that do not fall within our guidelines.

Review Process

Upon completion of the Letter of Inquiry to the Foundation, qualifying organizations will be contacted for a request to submit an application and proposal for funding to the Foundation. You will receive confirmation as soon as your application has been received.

Following the receipt of this information, the organization will undergo a process of review during which the Foundation will study the application and the issue the grant is meant to address. A Foundation member will also conduct basic due diligence and accountability of the facts contained within the proposal along with an assessment of grant impact and measureable performance targets.

During this stage, the Foundation member may contact the organization with questions. Some applications will go through a more lengthy review process, which can last up to two months and some of those will be recommended to the Foundation Board for approval. Once a decision has been made by the Board, you will be informed of the fact in a written agreement, including the amount, duration and terms of the grant if it has been successfully approved. If your organization is a fit with our mandate, and has the qualities we are seeking in a programme, we will contact you for further information and to set up a site visit.

Typical Donation Size

The Robert Kerr Foundation may award grants of up to $25,000/5 years; typically the annual award size would not exceed $50,000. For a first time grantee, we encourage the charity to start small (a one year ask between $5,000-$25,000 is completely reasonable) so that we can forge a relationship over time and see how the project evolves before we commit more. Organization's may submit more than one application for funding, at any given time, for various programs. The board does reserve the right to give a grantee partial funding or more than the grant requested, depending on the merit of the donation request.