The Robert Kerr Foundation

The Robert Kerr Foundation is committed to addressing basic and urgent needs to improve the lives of children and the homeless.

The Robert Kerr Foundation supports programming for both children and the homeless, without advocating one particular cause over another. Our entry point in giving is very purposeful and specific. Through its current mandate, the Foundation endeavours to address critical gaps in service provision for basic and urgent needs. The Foundation is proactive and focused in its granting and offers support to well-defined projects in its areas of interest.

Support is directed to programs and organizations that remove barriers and strengthen the quality of life for the individuals they serve, with emphasis on demonstrable impact in accomplishing their objectives.


The Robert Kerr Foundation is a registered private Canadian foundation.

The Foundation was established in 2010 as a named legacy after the passing of Mr. Robert Kerr who resided in both Toronto and Keswick, Ontario. Robert Kerr was a Canadian businessman who in 1985 established a highly successful enterprise called Blue Star Trailer Rentals. After Mr. Kerr’s passing in 2010, Mr. Joel Rose, a long-time friend and advisor of Mr. Kerr, and senior partner at Aird and Berlis LLP, was appointed executor of Mr. Kerr’s estate. Mr. Rose managed the operation of Blue Star since 2010, facilitated the disposition of the trailer rental business, and various properties held, on behalf of the Estate.

The proceeds of the sales ultimately funded the Foundation’s endeavours. The Founder believed that as the funds were generated through the hard work and success of Canadian business, the grants should be given to registered charities in Canada with meritorious causes. His philanthropic work continues through the Robert Kerr Foundation. Donations from the Foundation are directed to specific organizations tending to basic and urgent needs of children and the homeless.


Executive Director 
Ms. Bri Trypuc

Board of Directors 
Mr. Joel M. Rose, Chair            Mr. Rustom Satchu
Mr. Andrew Freedman             Mr. Lorne Rose
1015 Lakeshore Blvd. E
PO Box 75381 Leslie St. PO
Toronto, Ontario
M4M 1B0