Our Mission

We believe change happens when everyone has the chance to realize their potential.

That’s why we’re in the business of giving chances. Life-altering ones to children, adolescents, and the homeless. Like the chance to get an education. And live in a dignified way. But you can’t realize your potential when you’re just trying to survive, which is the reason we only fund organizations that address can’t-live-without-it needs like food, water, and shelter, and projects that offer innovative, compassionate, no-nonsense support where it’s most urgently required — in the realms of health and education. As for impact, we’re impatient. We want kids educated and homelessness mitigated today. Which is why we only support organizations making that happen today.


Our story begins with the story of Robert Kerr, or Bob, as everyone called him.

A decade in, we’ve proven that a small foundation can accomplish big things.

Meet Our Team

We’re a small team with big ambitions, guided by principle and passion, informed by a range of expertise and perspectives, and dedicated to honouring Bob Kerr and his legacy.

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Joel Rose

Our Fearless Leader

Joel is our president. Mostly he’s our rock. He holds us accountable to our values and standards and is the only one of us who knew Bob Kerr. He’s constantly bringing us ideas and connections, and just like Bob, loves to give chances to those who truly need and warrant them, especially kids.

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Andrew Freedman

The Numbers Guy

Andrew’s the director who’s always quizzing our financial advisors at our investment committee meetings. But he doesn’t just have deep business valuation, investigative and forensic accounting expertise. He also understands the charitable sector and what it takes for charities, especially small ones, to run a great operation. In addition, he’s open-hearted, creative, loves new ideas, and cares passionately about our work.

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Rustom Satchu

The Inquirer

Originally from Kenya, Rustom’s the director who brings an outsider’s perspective to our deliberations. Supremely objective, he asks the important questions, such as whether our investments are generating the highest return, and what’s really driving our decisions: our relationships, or the good of the foundation. Always up for site visits, he helps us keep it real.


Lorne Rose

The Next Gen-er

Lorne is the director invariably curious about a charity’s impact. Through his Aboriginal law work for the Ministry of the Attorney General, he has developed a keen interest in indigenous organizations, prompting us to expand our horizons beyond the city of Toronto.

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Bri Trypuc

The Unicorn

A former wealth management consultant and co-creator of Charity Intelligence Canada, our executive director Bri isn’t just a highly regarded thought leader in the philanthropic sector. She’s a workhorse, analytical and financial wizard, a passionate advocate for our charities and causes, a compassionate intermediary with applicants and grantees, and the linchpin for our board. Her vision, leadership, and upbeat presence always inspire.

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Susan Wright

The Charity Champion

Susan, our program officer, comes to us from summerlunch+, a charity she founded and we funded providing summer food programming for kids. A frontline organizer, she assists with grant review and administration, operations and charity relations. Always keen to contribute, she’s an eternal optimist who believes in everyone’s capacity to do good in the world.